Annual Competencies
At the moment there are multiple forms for complete the annual mandatory competencies. Please see below to assist you to assess them.
ED Learning Portal
Generally access with your staff number and password
Always print the certificate and give it to your POD leader.
There are self-directed Learning packages and interesting articles that you can also access on ED Learning poratal
Course name
NIV exam
NIV Recertification
NIV recertification > Assessments > 3 x Quiz’s
NIA/NIM recertification & Diazepam EDMSO
NIA/NIM Recertification >Assessments > 5 x quiz’s
Diazepam EDSMO> Assessments > 1 x quiz
ALS theory
Basic & Advanced Life Support Recert
Basic & Advanced Life Support Recert > Assessments > ALS exam
To access courses on Leap Online use your staff number made up to 8 digits with zeros in the front ( eg staff # 111111, LeapOnline Log in 00111111)
Please note; if you have been inactive on Leap Online for more than 3 months you will be to call 3176 2222 to reactivate your account 
Please Print your competency completion or let your POD leader know once you’ve completed it.
Course Name  - search this phase to find the course
Basic Life Support
Basic Life Support Theoretic MSHHS
Child Safety
PAH- Child Safety Training
Fire Safety FREI
First Response Evacuation Instructions
MARS ED Nursing Web Based Training
MSH- Pressure injury prevention
Through Leap Online you can also register for other courses throughout the Hospital, Metro South or online courses (eg; CAPS, leadership course, and respiratory courses)
   On the PAH QHEPS home page click on the eLearning icon on the Right hand side.
Course Name
Blood Transfusion
Bloods Safe eLearning
Talk to a Clinical Nurse, Clinical Coach or Clinical Nurse Consultant  
Who to talk to
Discuss with your POD CNC or CN’s
Fire Safety GEI
Organise with your POD CNC
Patient Handling
Organise with Ante or Cassie
ALS Clinical  
Talk to Jan to roster yourself in BEFORE your ALS expires.
NIV clinical
Clinical Coach,  Clinical Facilitator or Clinical Nurse Consultant  
Once off competency – talk to a CF


if you have any further questions please talk to any senior staff member.